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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Postdoctoral Research in Trinity College Dublin

The Distributed Systems Group and Lero - The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin currently have a range of postdoctoral research fellowships on offer to suitably qualified applicants.

Postdoctoral Research Positions

* Research Fellowship in Middleware for Smart Cities

This project will investigate middleware support for autonomic management of smart-city infrastructures and services. The project will investigate how user-contributed sensor data (along with data from sensors deployed by public authorities) can be gathered, transported, and interpreted effectively to optimise urban resource usage and service delivery, and improve quality of life and sustainability of cities. Further information:

* Research Fellowship in Cooperative Vehicle Systems

This project will investigate software engineering techniques for the development of cooperative vehicles. The project will investigate how cooperating smart vehicles can be engineered to ensure mutually safe behaviours even when communication between them is degraded. Further information:

* Research Fellowship in Autonomic Management of Smart Grids

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within Lero at Trinity College Dublin`s Distributed Systems Group to investigate the use of multi-agent learning techniques for the self management of community-based power grids. The project will investigate how agents can learn to optimise the scheduling of power generation and distribution.

Further information:

* Research Fellowship in Dynamic Service Adaptation

The project will investigate how the use of models as first-class, run-time entities can improve the specification, triggering and validation of adaptations to services at runtime.

Further information:

* Research Fellowship in Adaptable Middleware for Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe

This project will investigate adaptive, agent-oriented/service- oriented middleware for secure, Europe-wide access to electronic health record systems. The project will investigate scalable, adaptive approaches to coordinating communication with heterogeneous systems.

Further information:

Prof. Vinny Cahill
Head of the Discipline of Computer Systems
Distributed Systems Group email: Discipline of Computer Systems www: Trinity College Dublin phone: +353 (01) 8961795

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