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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ph.D. Student in Distributed Algorithms at ETH Zurich Germany, Research Assistant 2007-2008

Application : 2007 - 2008

Research Assistant / Ph.D. Student in Distributed Algorithms, Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich

The distributed computing group is a young research group at the department of information technology and electrical engineering at ETH Zurich. Currently we are ten members. We are interested in a variety of hot topics in the area of distributed computing, such as distributed algorithms, peer-to-peer computing, wireless ad hoc or sensor networks, or social and mobile networks.

In our group we try to apply and unite the approaches and techniques of algorithmic theory and systems implementation. Some members of our group focus on algorithms and analysis, some on systems design and building. All of us work together to build scalable, fault-tolerant, and efficient primitives and applications for the distributed future of computing.
Please visit the group web site for more information.

We are looking for highly motivated computer scientists with a strong algorithmic background (and a Masters degree in Computer Science or Mathematics). A candidate should be attracted by and proficient in areas such as approximation algorithms, complexity, distributed algorithms, graph theory, online computation, computational geometry, probabilistic algorithms, combinatorics, or optimization. A new group member can choose and shape a project according to his or her interests and talents within the first months of employment.

Successful candidates are expected to work towards a doctoral degree, and participate in the teaching activities of the group.

Please submit your application (CV, and proof of algorithmic interests, e.g. a student thesis) to Roger Wattenhofer. If you have questions or need more information about the position, we encourage you to visit our website or to contact Roger Wattenhofer directly.

For More Info about the Program Please Link Here (PDF Aplication)


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Doctoral Research Scholarship at South Africa 2007 - 2008 in Political Thought

Application deadline : 14 June 2007

One National Research Foundation (NRF) scholarship is on offer for three years doctoral research in the School of Politics, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Durban, South Africa. Dr Lawrence Hamilton, a political philosopher in the school, has recently been awarded the NRF President’s Award for his research achievements, which enables him to fund doctoral and postdoctoral research under his supervision. The Scholarship must be taken up from 1 July 2007. The successful candidate will receive R45,000 per annum, which is sufficient to cover university and living expenses in South Africa, and this can be supplemented by employment within the School of Politics. This scholarship is part of a project to create a Centre of Excellence in Political Philosophy at UKZN.

The doctoral research must, therefore, be on a topic within the fields of History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy or Political Theory. However, the latter in particular can be construed fairly widely to include research that makes use of empirical analysis, case studies, etc, so long as the main focus of the research is on furthering the understanding or applicability of a question within political thought. Applications are therefore also encouraged from students who have an interest in grounding their theoretical analysis in existing political contexts and problems.

Dr Hamilton’s research interests and publications include a book (The Political Philosophy of Needs [Cambridge University Press, 2003 (2007)]) and a number of articles and ongoing research on the state, coercion, popular sovereignty, rights, needs, interests, citizenship, markets, imperialism, civil society, judgment in politics, the French Revolution and representative democracy, the political thought of Hobbes, Rousseau, Sieyès, Hegel, Proudhon and Marx, African political thought, and land reform, public debt and constitutionalism in South Africa. However, applicants should not feel they have to restrict their research to these or cognate areas. Dr Hamilton can supervise research on most topics within the History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy and Political Theory, and the final choice of candidate will not be influenced by their choice of research topic.

Candidates should email their curriculum vitae (CV) and a one-page summary of their proposed doctoral research to Dr Hamilton ( by 14 June 2007. They should also ask three referees to send assessments of their work and suitability for doctoral study by the same deadline.

They can also post their applications to:

Dr Lawrence Hamilton, School of Politics, Howard College Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 4041, South Africa, making sure they arrive by the deadline. The successful candidate will be informed by the 20 June 2007 at the latest.


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Postdoctoral Fellow in Behavioural Ecology at Australia ( University of Sydney)

Application deadline : 17 June 2007

Remuneration will be commensurate with the applicants experience and qualifications.

Remuneration package: $73,772 - $79,190 (which includes a base salary Level A $62,339 - $66,917 p.a., leave loading and up to 17% employers contribution to superannuation)

Remuneration package: $83,363 - $98,993 p.a. (which includes a base salary Lecturer Level B $70,443 - $83,651 p.a., leave loading and up to 17% employers contribution to superannuation)

The Faculty of Science is a leading provider of education across the spectrum of the sciences. It offers a diverse range of specialisations, research programs and facilities, and an extensive liaison with international institutions. The School of Biological Sciences is a core part of the Faculty dedicated to producing world-class research teaching and research programs in Biology.

The School is currently seeking a results-driven Postdoctoral Fellow to conduct research into a project that will determine the mechanisms by which ants and honeybees solve dynamic problems when foraging. This will be achieved through the use of experiments in which ant and honeybee colonies are confronted with food sources that change in quality, disappear or (re-)appear.

This project is part of a larger interdisciplinary project funded by the Human Frontier Science Program Optimization in natural systems: ants, bees and slime moulds. The aim of this project is to understand solution construction mechanisms in biological systems by studying the processes that underlie the ability of natural systems (ants, bees and slime moulds) to adapt to changing conditions.

This is a unique opportunity for the appointee to become part of an interdisciplinary research team spread over four different countries: Australia (ants and bees), Sweden (mathematics), Germany (computer science) and Japan (slime moulds).

To succeed, the appointee will have a relevant PhD, an interest in evolution, and experience in animal behaviour. A background handling ants and/or honeybees will be highly advantageous, as will an ability to attract grant funding.

This role is suited to an innovative and mature individual who is capable to self-manage their workload. Joining a team of international scientists, the appointee will benefit from training available in interdisciplinary research in problem solving and potentially take on a leadership role that will shape the future direction of the project.

The position is full-time fixed term for three years, subject to the completion of a satisfactory probation period for new appointees. Membership of a University approved superannuation scheme is a condition of employment for new appointees.

Contact: All applications must be completed online; please visit and search by reference number 101485. Specific enquiries about the role can be directed to Fabrice Noël on (+61 2) 9036 7295.


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Masters and PhD Scholarships for IT Technology Program, Information and Communications University - ICU at Korea

Since the IT industry has become a key asset for the competitiveness of a nation, developing human resources is of great importance for a nation. The Republic of Korea, as one of the leading countries in the IT industry, seeks to play a more active role to meet this demand of

the time.

One of the efforts to meet this challenge is IT Technology Program(ITTP) newly offered at the Information and Communications University(ICU) with an aim to build global network of IT leaders
around the world.

ITTP, sponsored by the Korean government, offers a customized master’s and doctoral degree program for government officials, employees of public institutions or senior-level researchers at national research centers working in the IT fields of foreign countries. All the students will receive scholarships, up to 2 years for master degree students and up to 3 years for doctoral degree students.

This program focuses on transferring advanced technologies and business strategies of Korea to the next generation global IT leaders. After the education at ICU, a distinguished IT university, the ITTP students will acquire not only all the accumulated know-hows of the IT industry of Korea but also the creative abilities to apply learned knowledges and skills to their own countries. The graduates of the program will receive updates of current developments in the IT fields of Korea through annual or biannual newsletters, and remain networked through regularly scheduled seminars.

Important Dates for Application and Admission for 2007 Fall
- June 8th, 2007: Application Deadline
- July 6th, 2007: Acceptance Notification
- August 28th, 2007: Start of Semester

Contact person & Enquiries:

Coordinator, Administration Office of ITTP
Information and Communications University (ICU)
119 Munji-ro Yuseong-gu Daejeon
Republic of Korea, 305-732
Telephone: 82 42 866 6845
Fax: 82 42 866 6858


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Master Doctoral Scholarships 2007-2008 From Government of Netherlands

The Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation’s Master’s and Doctoral scholarships in Sustainable Poverty Reduction

The opportunity Students from Asian developing nations are offered the opportunity to pursue their master’s or doctoral studies in fields relating to sustainable poverty reduction at one of Asia ’s leading postgraduate institutions.

The scholarships The Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation and the Asian Institute of Technology have partnered to offer a program called “Human Resource Development for Asian Partner Countries” from October 2006 to December 2009. Master’s and doctoral scholarships will be provided to students from seven partner countries of the Netherlands in Asia, i.e., Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Indonesia , Mongolia , Pakistan , Sri Lanka and Vietnam . The scholarships cover the costs of degree programs in fields relevant to sustainable development, environmental protection and the promotion of gender equity. The three focal areas are water engineering and management, rural development and sustainable use of natural resources, and urban environmental management.

Water engineering and management includes waterways and coastal engineering, irrigation engineering, water resources and water supply drainage. Expertise areas also include water transport, flood control, beach protection, erosion, water supply and wastewater collection and sewerage treatment systems, and integrated watershed development management.

Rural development and sustainable use of natural resources addresses rural development and the need to consider economic productivity versus the necessity to conserve rural areas. In AIT many programs aim to contribute to technology to stimulate rural developments including agricultural and food engineering, bioprocess technology, aquaculture and aquatic resources management, pulp and paper technology, natural resources management, as well as regional and rural development planning.

Urban environmental management addresses the sustainable development of urbanized areas as many of the partner countries are facing rapid urbanization. Thus, the concerns should address urban economy and living environment, conservation of urban natural environments and greening, prevention of environmental deterioration, impacts of urbanization, urban transportation, urban affordable sanitation and sewage treatment. Urban environmental management focuses on the utilization of human and other resources to improve and maintain the quality of urban areas.

Details • Scholarship recipients will be selected according to AIT’s admission criteria, rules and regulations to ensure that the most suitable candidates are admitted based on an assessment of the needs in the Netherlands ‘ seven partner countries in Asia . • At least 40 per cent of the scholarships will be offered to women candidates. • After successful completion of graduate studies and professional training in AIT, the scholarship recipients are obliged to return to their home countries for strengthening institutional capacities and contributing in building sustainable societies. • Recipients are required to conduct thesis research on topics relevant to their respective home country’s development needs incorporating environmental protection and sustainable development concerns. • A scholarships provides grants for tuition and fees, monthly stipend, medical insurance, educational visa and one round trip air travel. • For the master’s program, preference will be given to staff of public sector agencies, government departments, training institutions and universities. • Doctoral scholarships are available only to candidates who are lecturers or university teaching staff. Doctoral degree program candidates must be certified by their local employers to study abroad and must have re-employment contracts to ensure that they return back to work after their completion of the doctoral degree program at AIT. Applicants must provide a relevant research proposal and demonstrate a strong academic background and experience. • All recipients of the scholarships should take at least one course on gender and development issues.

Entry requirements • Applicants must adhere to AIT’s admissions requirements, procedures and policies. To learn more, click here:

Deadline August semester: 15 March Note: Applicants who are required to attend Bridging program, who require early offer of admission or who have visa or passport restrictions, are encouraged to submit applications at least two months before the deadline. You may apply online or download application forms at: You may also receive the application package by mail for a nominal application processing fee of US$25.

Please contact: Admissions and Scholarships Unit Asian Institute of Technology P.O. Box 4 , Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120 , Thailand Phone: (662) 5245031-5033 Fax: (662) 524-6326 E-mail: Web site:

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS An applicant must apply to only one of the academic programs leading to the degree of Master’s of Engineering, Master’s of Science, Master’s of Business Administration, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Science, Doctor of Philosophy, or Doctor of Business Administration; or in the executive programs leading to the degree of Master’s of Engineering (Executive) or Master’s of Business Administration (Executive). No applicant is admitted to more than one academic program at a time. AIT is an international institute with English as the sole language of instruction. Admission to AIT requires proof of English language proficiency. This requirement may be satisfied in any one of four ways:

Submission of an official test score from any of the following standardized English exams: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CU-TEP ( Thailand ), ARC (Lao PDR). The minimum scores for admission are shown in the table below.

IELTS 4.5 TOEFL Paper-based Computer-based Internet-based

500 173 61 TOEIC 470 ARC (Lao PDR) 5.0 CU-TEP (Thailand) 57

If you attained a previous degree from a university where the sole medium of instruction is English, you may submit a Certificate of University Medium of Instruction. Applicants may take the AIT English Interview Test. The test result should be submitted to the Admissions and Scholarships Unit. For details, please contact: Applicants from countries where English is the native language are exempt from this requirement. Detailed Eligibility Requirements for each Program Doctoral Program To be eligible for admission to the Doctoral program, an applicant must:

have strong academic records (both undergraduate and graduate) and normally hold a four-year bachelor’s degree, and a Master’s degree, preferably with a combination of course and thesis work, from an institution of good standing, acceptable to AIT. The minimum GPA requirement for admission to the doctoral program is 3.50 or equivalent at the master’s degree level. submit a brief outline of dissertation research proposal including the required research facilities, if necessary. receive a written confirmation that a faculty member at AIT is available and willing to supervise. Starting January 2006 Semester the offer of non-resident doctoral program on admission is no longer available as an option for doctoral applicants. Master’s Degree Program To be eligible for admission to the master’s program, an applicant must:

hold a Bachelor degree (normally from a four-year program), or its equivalent, in an appropriate field of study from an institution of good standing acceptable to AIT. have undergraduate grades significantly above average; the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the master’s program is 2.75 or equivalent at the Bachelor degree level. be in satisfactory physical and mental health, and have a record of good conduct.


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PhD Scholarships First Comprehensive International University at Singapore's

Starting Date : Students should be able to start in September/October 2007

The University of New South Wales, Asia (UNSW Asia) is Singapore's newest university. Building on the research strengths of its parent university - UNSW, this campus will focus on research issues of significance to the Asian region. It will also be establishing Research Centres of Excellence in Membrane and Water Technologies, Photovoltaics and Interactive and Digital Media.

Its rich mixture of students from across Asia and the world will have the opportunity to move seamlessly between the Sydney and Singapore campuses. Graduates from UNSW Asia will receive degrees from its parent university - UNSW.

PhD Programs

UNSW Asia is inviting suitably qualified, highly motivated candidates to apply for PhD positions in the following disciplines:

* International studies, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management

* Chemical and environmental engineering, mechanical and mechatronics engineering, electrical and telecommunications engineering, computer science and engineering, mathematics, physics, biological sciences

* Membrane technology related to water, environment and biotechnology

For More info Visit at :


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International PhD Program Molecular Cell Biology 2007-2008 Max-Delbrück Centre at Germany

Starting Date : Students should be able to start in September/October 2007

The International PhD Programme “Molecular Cell Biology” has been established in 2003, and is a joint activity of the Max-Delbrück Centre (MDC) for Molecular Medicine and the Humboldt University (HU) Berlin. Every year 10-12 students from around the world are being selected on a competitive basis to join the Programme.

The Programme provides exceptional research opportunities and in-depth interdisciplinary training in Molecular Cell Biology, with strong emphasis on the fundamental molecular biology and molecular cell biology as a foundation of modern medicine. It is aimed at university graduates (with Diploma or Masters degree), who wish to obtain a PhD in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Cardiovascular Research, Developmental Biology and Neurobiology.

There are 41 Research Groups you could select from and it is up to you to choose that "big" question you wish to find an answer for during your PhD research. And because we have critical mass of the scientific expertise at the MDC and Berlin-Buch Campus, you would never be far away from a world expert, be it in cancer signalling pathways or genomics, systems biology or macromolecular structure, gene therapy or neuronal stem cells.

The working language of the Programme is English.

Starting Date
Students should be able to start in September/October 2007

Successful PhD candidates are awarded a 3-year Scholarship from the MDC or HU, with a possibility of extension decided on a case-by-case basis. The salary level for the graduate students employed as research assistants is in accordance with the standard tariff for public service sector and is about 1400 EUR gross, which translates to between 900 - 1100 EUR net. MDC also provides travel grants to its PhD students, encouraging them to attend international scientific meetings to present their findings.

PhD Degree
As a rule, our PhD students are enrolled at the Humboldt University of Berlin or the Free University of Berlin to obtain their degree - Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.), translated as Doctor of Natural Sciences. This is a German equivalent of the PhD degree and is internationally recognised and accepted as such. Students could also opt for a university of their home country to get their PhD degree from.

Wider PhD students community at the MDC
The MDC`s PhD student community is not limited to the International PhD Programme only, - there are about 150 of graduates working on their PhDs at any point in time (do check our students` web site). Every year our PhD students organise a PhD Retreat (please, see the photo from the last one), where they present their results, meet distinguished invited speakers of their own choice, exchange ideas and socialise. But you do not have to wait for a year to get out of the lab, - in their free time our graduates also organise regular outings, or, as it is called here `Stammtisch`.

PhD Coordinator
Dr. Oksana Seumenicht
Tel: +49 30 9406 4243
Graduate Committee
Tel: +49 30 9406 3735
Fax: +49 30 9406 3298

For More info :


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sponsored Post: Free SAT Test Training (nationwide)

Online SAT School Online SAT school is the most comprehensive collection of Free SAT study resources on the web offering practice exams, study guides, flashcards, quizzes, cram sheets, articles, links and tips to help you succeed on the SAT exam! Our extensive SAT Reading and Writing Study covers both sections in a convenient, easy-to-read "study guide" format, while our SAT Math Study area presents a comprehensive overview of the topics involved in SAT Mathematics. We have one of the largest collections of SAT flash cards and quizzes at your disposal, as well as three practice tests. Our SAT Quiz School and Flash Card database is continually expanding, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in SAT testing. Best of all, all our SAT Test Prep Study Aids are totally FREE for students and educators

For Complete Information Please Visite : Free SAT Exam School !

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