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Monday, September 28, 2009

PhD Programs 2010 IMT, Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

Scholarship, International Scholarship, Doctoral Programs Competitions for admission are open in the following Ph.D. Programs at IMTThe deadline for applications is December 4, 2009 at 18:00 (Italian time)

Computer Science and Engineering
The doctoral program aims at preparing researchers and professionals with a wide knowledge about the foundations of informatics and about its applications to a variety of systems and disciplines, focusing on aspects of particular importance in the present context. The new version of informatics is changing the perspective of other disciplines and several aspects of common life, and is the target of very active research in the international scene.

Economics, Markets, Institutions
The program aims at dealing with issues in political economy, applied public economics, the functioning of industries and markets, the impact of macroeconomics on productivity and growth. A distinctive feature of the Ph.D. program is the integration of theoretical, technical, and practical expertise, aimed to educate highly qualified professionals, who analyze, plan, and manage concrete interventions of political economy. Theoretical methodologies and models are generated and tested, through the systematic investigation of the real world, with a distinctive focus on concrete observation of markets and their actors. At the end of the program, students are able to identify commonalities as well as distinctive characters of economies, markets, and industries.

Management and Development of Cultural Heritage Ph.D. in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino

The program trains both researchers and professionals, able to operate at the highest levels of management of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, in both public and private institutions. The program integrates concepts and methods from several domains (humanities, economics, law, information technologies, material sciences) in the analysis of cultural heritage and landscape. The program provides a consistent multidisciplinary path where students are provided with competencies which nowadays cannot be obtained but through particular self-training initiatives. The job market today has to rely on various professional figures - thus incurring conflicts and standstills in the decision-making process - or is forced to choose only one competence among all the needed ones. A distinctive feature of the program is the involvement of Ph.D. students in projects, both on local and international scale, so as to make them familiar with the complex management of cultural heritage and landscape.

Political Systems and Institutional Change
The Ph.D. in Political Systems and Institutional Change is a multidisciplinary course analysing, in a comparative perspective, institutions in their historical, political, sociological, economic and legal features. Special attention will be devoted to processes of institutional change. The Ph.D. aims at forming political analysts able to: plan and manage collaborative and integrated processes at the international level; analyse and assess policies and institutional settings at a supranational, national and regional level; confront the specific problems of countries in transition towards democracy and a market economy.
Duration: 3 years

Language: Courses and seminars are held in English. Foreign Ph.D. students are required to attend an Italian Language and Culture Course.

Classes begin in March 2010.


Application Online:

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M.Sc. Research Studentship from Trinity College Dublin at the Fluids, Vibration and Acoustics Group

Scholarship, International Scholarship, M.Sc. Research Studentship from Trinity College Dublin at the Fluids, Vibration and Acoustics GroupSalary: 16k euro per annum and academic fees
Closing Date: until position is filled
Applications are invited for a Research Studentship to work in the Fluids, Vibration & Acoustics Group at Trinity College, Dublin, within the context of an EU Framework 7 Collaborative Project. Research work would lead to a M.Sc. degree of Trinity College, University of Dublin in the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

The Fluids, Vibration and Acoustics group in Trinity College, Dublin, have developed coherence-based noise source identification techniques which identify the contribution of core noise to near- and far-field acoustic measurements of aero-engines. The objective of the work within this studentship is to further develop these techniques with novel Beamforming algorithms and to apply them to experimental and full scale engine data generated within an EU Framework 7 project. Of particular interest is the implementation of these techniques to broad-band noise identification and the study of non-linear interaction mechanisms. The scope of the work will entail designing and conducting in-house experiments, performing simulations with theoretically generated data and developing novel signal processing techniques. There will be opportunities to spend time in the test locations of some of our EU partners within the programme.

Applicants should have a good honours degree or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related discipline with some background in acoustics and signal processing being an advantage. The scholarship will be for 1.5/2years and will include remuneration of 16k euro per annum and academic fees.

Further information and informal enquiries can be made to:
Dr. Gareth J. Bennett

Candidates should submit a cover letter together with a full curriculum vitae, to include the names of three referees, to:
Dr. Gareth J. Bennett
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Parsons Building
Trinity College
Dublin 2

Official announcement at:


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scholarship and Financial Aid Info at Olivet Nazarene University Chicago & Illinois

Scholarship, International Scholarship, High School Scholarship, Undergraduate ScholarshipEach year, thousands of Olivet Nazarene University students receive millions of dollars in financial aid. Olivet Nazarene will work with you to find a financial solution that meets your individual needs.

Applying for Financial Aid

STEP 1 Inquire about college funding from your employer.

Many employers offer scholarships or tuition remission for employees seeking to further their education. To begin the process of obtaining financial aid, research your company's policies and fill out any required paperwork.

STEP 2 Become acquainted with the financial aid program for Olivet Nazarene's School of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

STEP 3 Apply for federal and state grants.

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form must be filled out online. An online application requires a PIN.

FAFSA forms should be submitted as soon as possible after January 1. Some funding is limited, so apply early. Be sure to include Olivet Nazarene's federal school code: 001741.
You must submit a new FAFSA each year.

STEP 4 Complete Olivet Nazarene's online loan counseling.

First-time students at Olivet Nazarene must complete the Stafford loan online counseling.

STEP 5 Complete the Olivet Nazarene financial aid application.

for more information link here

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to School using College Debt

Have you set up education fund for your child or your own? We as Parents often ask our kids, if you're a big Tomorrow will be what? Want to schools where? or College at where? But we often forget to ask ourselves, whether we are preparing the cost, to finance the education of our children, so the choice or the ideals of our children can be achieved for a school place they want without cost constrained problems.

Preparing the education of children is an obligation. Because the education is very important both for our roles or for the country will be the future. However, we must avoid the mistaken perception that education is only intended as an investment and only tend to pursue a university degree. Education should be a learning process able to nurture the unique potential that lies within each child in order to be themselves and happy living life.

Education needs to cost, and takes a long time. That's why need to plan for educational expenses:
  • The increasing cost of education in the future.
Education costs from year to year has increased in line with inflation. The average inflation that occurred every year is 10 percent.
  • The uncertainty of future earnings.
Faced with uncertainties that need preparation. Proverbial umbrella ready before it rains.
  • Physical Uncertainty and age.
Today a healthy, tomorrow is not necessarily healthy. It could be illness, permanent disability or even died.
  • To determine the number of installments that must be prepared every month, so when needed to provide cost children's education.
Many people make the installment cost of education, but their mistakes are not supposed to know debt consolidation and how much money the borrowed. There are borrowing money for education expenses without preparation, so that they will make it difficult to return. If you experience these things you can try to solve your problems with is a one-stop debt solution center. They specialize in debt management, credit counseling and help with credit card debt. there you'll be get debt consolidation guide and information for solving the problem education funding, or help you in debt solution.


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Early Stage Researcher or PhD Placement at Interbank Lending and Bank Risk Measure in Konstanz University Germany 2009

Scholarship, International Scholarship, Early Stage Researcher/PhD PlacementProposed Start Date: September 2009 subject to finalisation of the contract

The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in this project will work on measures to restore the interbank markets that are crucial for banks’ liquidity management, but mostly dried up during the crisis. The current external risk reporting of banks lacks credibility because the reported values at risk (VaR) turned out to be very small in relation to the reported depreciations on bank assets.
The project is divided in several steps.
The first step is to find out why the reported VaR were so misleading; is it because the underlying stochastic models are ignoring systemic risks, or because the time horizon of the underlying model is too short?
Second, can VaR be sufficiently improved to credibly communicate a bank’s risk? If not, can stress tests be designed for that purpose? A more demanding approach is to combine different pieces of information that banks publish, which taken separately, might be insufficient, but when put together may be sufficient information for interbank lending. This requires research on the synergies of different pieces of information and empirical testing. This research should be of a theoretical and empirical nature.
Third, the issue of quick changes in banks’ risk through derivatives trading needs to be addressed. Should banks report these big trades or should such trades be restricted to banks with stricter equity capital requirements?
Fourth, the ESR should differentiate systematic and non-systematic risk factors in bank risk positions to provide more precise insights into potential damages of lending to another bank.

Proposed Start Date: September 2009 subject to finalisation of the contract
Duration: 36 months
Financial Information: Salary plus allowances in line with Marie Curie FP7 requirements for ESRs.
Host Institution: Konstanz University
Academic Advisor: Professor Guenter Franke
Secondment 1: Erasmus University Rotterdam - 4 months
Secondment 2: Deutsche Bundesbank, McKinsey or Credit Suisse - 4 months, subject to confirmation
Eligibility: Nationals or residents of Germany cannot apply. At the time of appointment, applicants should have no more than 4 years experience (FTE) after graduation and should not have resided in the host country for more than 12 months in the last 3 years immediately before appointment.
To Apply: Applicants are requested to send the following documents to

• a curriculum vitae
• copies of academic transcripts and degree certificates
• proof of English proficiency (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency, IELTS, TOEFL)
• a one-page statement of purpose about aptitude and motivation for pursuing the programme
• two letters of recommendation from professors
• the results of the GRE test.

Download for PDF file


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