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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Islamic Development Bank Merit Scholarship Programme

Category: Scholarship Worldwide The Islamic Development Bank Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology

The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme aims at developing technically qualified human resources to undertake advanced studies and/or research in the fields of applied science and technology needed for the development of the IDB member countries

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The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme aims at developing technically qualified human resources in the IDB member countries by providing scholarships to promising and/or outstanding scholars and researchers to undertake advanced studies and/or research in the fields of applied science and technology needed for the development of the member countries. The main objectives of this programme are:
To develop technically qualified human resources in the IDB member countries;

To enhance the scientific, technological and research capability and potential of scholars and researchers in IDB member countries;

To help meet the needs of the IDB member countries in areas of science and technology; and

To strengthen the scientific, technological and research capability of institutions in member countries.
The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme was introduced in 1411H (1991-92). The first five-year phase of the Programme 1413H-to-1417H (1992-to-1997) was completed in December, 1997, during which time, a total of 93 scholars from 35 IDB member countries were selected, or 13 above the initial target of 80 scholars in five years as originally planned. After a successful evaluation, the second five-year phase was launched, covering a period from 1418H-to-1422H (19997-to-2003)

A second evaluation has been conducted in April/May 2002 which leads to the streamlining and enhancement of the Programme in the next phase, which include among others the expansion of institutions of studies beyond the West to include those high-tech countries in Asia and Centres of Excellence in IDB member countries.

As of Dhul Hijja 1424H (February 2004), a total of 244 scholars have been selected, benefiting 44 countries and 173 of their institutions. A total of 134 scholars (58 Ph.Ds and 76 Post-Doctorals) have comnpleted their studies and return to their respective countries to fulfil the aim and objective of the Programme.


The Programme covers two types of studies/research: three-year Ph.D study and one-year Post-Doctoral research. The duration of study of three years or 36 months for Ph.D study and 3 – 6 months for Post-Doctoral research is fixed and not extendable.

The currently approved fields of study are as follows:
Laser and Fiber Optics
Polymer Science
Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology
Nuclear Science/Engineering
Electronics/Micro Electronics/Telecommunication
Computer Science (including CAD/CAM)
Renewable Energy/Fuel Technology
Hydrology/Water Resources
Chemical Engineering/Material Sciences
Agriculture/Food Technology
System Engineering
Space Science/Technology
Environmental Preservation Technology
Technology Management and Innovation (For Post-Doctoral only)

The list of internationally renowned institutions of study offering the areas of study covered under the Programme is available at the Offices of the IDB Governors for the member countries, the designated focal/contact points for the Programme and the Office of the Scholarship Programme, IDB.

However, since admission is not mandatory during the application process and the choice of school is not open for approval until the candidates have been selected, seeing the list of institutions of study is not necessary for an interested applicant when applying for the Programme.

In general, the institutions that are acceptable under the Programme are those renowned ones in the scientifically and technologically advanced industrial countries of the world (North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, etc), emerging High-Tech Asian countries and centres of excellence in IDB member countries. However, on an exceptional circumstance and on a case-by-case basis, institutions of study from other developing countries may be considered if their superiority in specific areas of study can be substantiated (based on research/teaching staff, faculties and facilities) as being the best in the fields of study proposed by the candidates.


The Programme is announced between February and March every year (after the final selection of the previous year has been completed) through the Offices of the Governors of the IDB. The Programme activities are scheduled as follows:
Preparation: February
Announcement of new Academic Year: March
Receiving applications: March-September
Deadline of application: September 30
Processing/short-listing: October-December
Internal/External review: January (of subsequent year)
Final selection: February
Announcement of selection result: March
Admission and deadline: March-August 31
Placement: September-January

The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme is only for scholars from member countries who are (still) attached to their educational, scientific and technological institutions and research centres in their countries and are actively working in the scientific and technological development of their countries.

The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme does not award scholarships to individuals but to promising and/or renowned scholars as nominated and sponsored by their institutions and as seen suitable and appropriate by the Offices of the IDB Governors of their countries in terms of the developmental and scientific needs of their countries.

Applicants for the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme should have:
Age between 25-35 for Ph.D study or 25-40 for Post-Doctoral research;

Minimum M.Sc (for Ph.D study) and Ph.D (for Post-Doctoral research) in the field of science/technology related to and/or listed under the Programme;

Above average ("Very Good") academic standing (not less 3.3/4, B+ or 83%);

Work and/or research experience of not less than two (2) years for Ph.D study or five (5) years for Post-Doctoral research in the field related to and/or listed under the Programme;

A record of publications/research in the same field (as in 4);

A proposed field of study and/or research in one of the fields listed under the approved fields of study with its scientific and development relevance to the country being clearly demonstrated in a research proposal endorsed by the nominating institution.
Ability to conduct all aspects of scientific work (reading, writing, speaking) in English or French or other languages used in the place of study is necessary and admission from (or indication of possible admission to) universities or institutions listed under the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme is desirable.

Applicants for post-doctoral research who have had a Post-Doctoral experience outside their countries within the past two years are not eligible.


The application is processed at he IDB to ascertain the completeness of application documents and the eligibility in terms of the eligibility criteria of the Programme (i.e., age, degree, grades, experience, publication and field of study) and other relevant conditions of the Programme (i.e., command of the language of study, pre-admission, institutional attachment and nomination and the IDB Governor`s endorsement).

The applications that are short-listed are reviewed in detail by the internal reviewers at the IDB and by an elite panel of eminent scientists to ascertain the scientific and development relevance of the field of study proposed by the applicants and to assess the overall qualifications of the applicants. Recommendation for final selection is made by the Executive Committee for the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme and the final selection is made by the President, IDB, whose decision is final.


The announcement of the names of those selected to receive the awards is made between February and March of each year and the offer for the scholarship is valid for approximately one year or until August 31 of the next year. If by that time, the selected candidates have not been able to secure a firm admission from one of the Universities/institutions of study listed under the Programme, the offer will lapse.

Placement begins with the Fall session (September) or with the Winter session (January), especially for those who will pursue three-year Ph.D study. For Post-Doctoral research, placement may begin any time as long as all the requirements for departure (i.e., secured admission, receipt of signed and completed Surety Bonds at the IDB and medical and insurance clearance) have been satisfied. Medical clearance is issued by an international insurance company contracted by the IDB for the purpose.

To assist admission and placement, all selected candidates are issued a handbook called Handbook for Scholars which contains instructions not only on how to prepare for their departures but also on how to conduct themselves during the entire duration of their studies and after.


For the successful candidates, the scholarship provides or covers the cost of tuition (as charged by the institutions of study), thesis/scientific papers preparation, computer purchase, health insurance, a monthly living allowance, allowance for accompanying family (20% of monthly allowance for spouse and 15% each for two underage children allowable under 3-year Ph.D study), clothing and books allowance and return air tickets. (Under post-doctoral research, the selected candidates are not entitled to bring their families with them). The monthly/family and books/clothing allowances are paid on quarterly basis and the other allowances, as needed.


A. Candidates

Candidates granted the scholarship are expected to:
sign the Surety Bond prepared by the IDB stating their commitments to their studies, their return to their countries upon completion of their studies and their continuing work and services to science, technology and development of their countries thereafter for at least twice the period of their studies under the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme;

devote themselves to their studies on a full-time basis and without interruption and provide the IDB with reports on their academic studies and activities on a regular basis;

seek or accept no other scholarship or remunerated work during their studies under the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme which may interfere with their studies or make fulfilment of their other obligations difficult unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the IDB;

respect the laws of the country of study and maintain good personal and professional conducts consistent with the rules, regulations and objectives of the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme and the overall mission of the IDB as an Islamic institution.
B. Nominating Institutions

As a partner in the joint effort with the IDB, the institutions nominating candidates for the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme are expected to:
during application stage, properly nominate their candidates, assist them in all aspects of documentation preparation and secure the necessary endorsement from the Office of the IDB Governor for the country;

if selected, assist their departure preparation and place them on study-leave with salaries and benefits maintained;

when returned, help resettle them and support them in their research and equipment needs.
C. Offices of the IDB Governors

As the sole channel of announcement and application for the Programme, the Offices of the IDB Governors are expected to:
announce the Programme as widely as possible among the scientific and research communities in the country;

disseminate information and Application Forms to relevant scientific and research institutions and interested scholars in the country;

screen and pre-process applications to ensure eligibility and complete and proper documentation;

pre-select and submit to the IDB only those who are most qualified and in the proposed fields of study most needed for the development of the country.

The Application Forms must be submitted through the nominating institutions which, in turn, seek the endorsement from the Offices of the IDB Governors for the country. It is the Offices of the IDB Governors which forward the applications to the IDB and not the individual applicants or the nominating institutions.

To apply, interested scholars may obtain Application Forms and other documents of the Programme (such as the announcement poster, leaflets, brochures, list of institutions of study, etc.) from the Offices of the IDB Governors for their countries, the designated Contact/Focal Points for the Programme and/or the Office of the Scholarship Programme, IDB.

Application Forms must be completed in full and copies of all the required documents and necessary attachments must accompany the completed Application Form, as follows:

Curriculum vitae (CV)
Passport-size pictures
(Relevant pages) of passport
Birth certificate
B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D and Post-Doctoral diplomas (as appropriate)
B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D transcripts (as appropriate)
Cover pages and summaries/abstracts of M.Sc and/or Ph.D. theses
Cover pages and summaries/abstracts of publications and papers
Training certificate(s) (if any)
Language certificate or test score (if any)
Letter or evidence of pre-admission (if any)
Award(s) (if any)
Evidence of membership in professional organization(s) (if any)
Three letters of reference
Fully certified five-page research proposal (after eligibility)

Detailed instructions on how to apply are given in the Application Form. The deadline for the application is September 30 every year. Any application arriving at the IDB after this date is processed for the subsequent year.

Islamic Development Bank
Office of the Scholarship Programme
P.O. Box 5925, Jeddah 21432
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Application Forms
Application Form (for 3-year Ph.D study)
Application Form (for 3-year Ph.D study)

Application Form (Post-Doctoral Research)
Application Form (Post-Doctoral Research)


1. Afghanistan Department of Research and Planning
Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul
Attention: M. Razaqzada, General Director, Research and Planning
Cbl : DAFBANK, Tlx : No. 23

2. Bangladesh: Deputy Secretary (Middle East)
Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance
Sher-a-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

3. Bénin Direction de la Coordination des Ressources Extérieures
Ministère du Plan et de la Restructuration Economique

4. Burkina Faso Le Directeur de l`Orientation et des Bourses (DOB)
Ministère des Enseignements Secondaire, Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique
Fax : 30 17 91, Tlx : 30 69 36/30 76 61

5. Brunei Darussalam Finance Institutions Division, Ministry of Finance
6th Floor IBB Building, Jalan Pemancha, Bandar Seri Begawan 1130
Attention: Awg Haji Omar bin Haji Yaakub

6. Cameroon Le Service de la Planification Scolaire et de la Formation Sous Direction des Ressources Humaines , Yaoundé
Tlx : MINFI 8260 KN

7. Djibouti Monsieur Aboubaker Douale Wis, Conseiller Technique
Ministère des Finances et de l`Economie Nationale, Djibouti

8. Gabon Monsieur Pascal-Mbomba
Conseiller Technique, Chargé des questions d`Education, Formation, Bourses
Ministère de la Planification et de l`Aménagement du Territoire
B.P. 747, Libreville

9. The Gambia Mrs. Teneng Mba Jaiteh
Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
The Quadrangle, Banjul

10. Guinea Centre de Recherche et de la Formation
Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée
B.P. 692, Conakry

11. Indonesia Head, Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation, Ministry of Finance
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur 2-4, Jakarta Pusat
Fax : 345-1205, Tlx : 44319, Tel : 345-1090

12. Iran Mr. Saeid Khani Oushani
Officer in Charge, IDB Merit Scholarship Programme, Department of Economic Cooperation with Islamic Countries, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Tehran
Fax : 391-033

13. Iraq General Direction for Statistics and Research,
Central Bank of Iraq, Rashid Street, P.O. Box 64, Baghdad
Tlx : 212203-212296 CN

14. Jordan The High Council of Science and Technology,
P.O. Box 36, Al-Jubaiha, Amman
Fax : 840589, Tlx : 23019 TECNOC JO, Tel : 840401

15. Kuwait Department of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Finance

16. Lebanon Prof. Munir El Shikh
Secrétariat Général du Counseil des Ministres, Beirut
Fax : 865630 , Tel : 353615

17. Libya Mr. Khalifa M. Naas, Director of Investment and International Cooperation
Secretariat of Finance, Sirt
Fax : (054) 64640, (Sirt) (021) 333-6651

18. Malaysia Training Division, Public Service Department
Parcel C, Federal Government Administrative Center,
62502 Putrajaya
Tel : 03-88853000

19. Maldives Research and International Organizations Division
Maldives Monetary Authority
Omar Shopping Arcade, Chandhani Magu, Male
Fax : 32-3862, Tlx : 66055 BOLI MF, Tel : (960) 32-2292

20. Mali Monsieur le Directeur National de la Planification
B.P. 2466, Bamako

21. Mozambique: Mr. Gabriel Fabiao Mambo
Deputy National Director of Treasury, Ministry of Planning and Finance
P.O. Box 272, Maputo, Mozambique
Tel : 425 530, Fax : 430 250

22. Niger Monsieur Kabo Aruna
Chef de Service, Développement Social et de l`Administration Générale
Direction des Programmes et du Plan, Ministère des Finances et du Plan

23. Pakistan Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Fax : 814644/210734, Tlx : ECDIV 05-634
Attention: Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad/ Secretary

24. Palestine: Ministry of Higher Education
Gaza, Al-Yarmouk, Palestine
Ramallah - Um Al-Sharait Area
Fax : 07/828824, Tel : 02/998-2606; 998-2600

25. Saudi Arabia: Director General Research and Information, Ministry of High Education
Tel : 441-0190

26. Sénégal Direction des Bourses
Ministère de l`Education Nationale
Avenue Georges Pompidou, Dakar

27. Sierra Leone Economic Affairs Division, Department of Finance
Secretariat Building, George Street, Freetown
Attention: J.B. Bangali/Ag Financial Secretary

28. Syria State Planning, Prime Ministry
Attention: Dr. Abdurrahim Al Shib`iState Minister

29. Tchad Division des Ressources Humaines , Direction de la Planification,
du Développement et de la Reconstruction
Ministère du Plan et de la , Coopération, N`Djamena
Fax : (235) 51.51.85

30. Turkey Mr. Osman Birsen
Undersecretary for Treasury, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Prime Ministry

31. Uganda The Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
P.O. Box 7086, Kampala
Fax : (256) 41 234194/ 235044, Tlx : 61170
Attention: Commissioner for Economic Planning
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