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Saturday, November 04, 2006

IDB: M.Sc Scholarship in Science and Technology

Category: Scholarship [Worldwide] M.Sc Scholarship in Science and Technology for IDB Least Developed Member Countries

The objective of this Programme is to assist the IDB Least Developed Member Countries (LDMC) countries in the development of their human resources especially in science and technology that are both relevant and necessary for their development.

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The M.Sc Scholarship Programme was launched in Muharram, 1419H (May, 1998G) with an objective to assist IDB Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs) in the development of their human resources especially in science and technology that are both relevant and necessary for their development and specifically:
To increase the number of intermediate level manpower in the LDMC countries (i.e., the M.Sc graduates) which are necessary for an effective technology development, transfer and maintenance;

To increase access for their students to the educational opportunities available under the IDB initiatives in human resource development (HRD) for member countries by creating a special programme suited to their circumstances and needs;

To enhance the ability of their students to participate in the existing IDB programme in science and technology such as the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High technology. The Programme offers scholarships leading to an M.Sc degree (in 2 years) in science and technology to students from folowing countries: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros Island, Djibouti, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Togo, Uganda, Yemen. A total of 190 scholars will be trained in science and technology at the rate of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 50 annually for five years on a budget of US$ 2,176,500. The first Academic Year (1418/1998-99) was launched in April, 1998. So far, 120 students have benefited from this programme and 90 students have been placed in institutions within IDB member countries such as Burkina Faso, Egypt, Mali, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey Uganda and Yemen.

The M.Sc study (depending on the Universities ), may be through course work, research only or a combination of both. Whichever the mode, it must be completed within the specified two-year time frame and there is no possibility of extension with the IDB funding.


Without prejudice to or disregard for other equally important fields of study, under the M.Sc Scholarship programme, eligible students may apply only for studies in Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine/Medical Sciences.

3. Institutions of Study

The institutions listed under the Programme are those that have expressed willingness to accept IDB students with minimum tuition charges, such as Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, University Mohammed V (Morocco), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (pakistan) and Middle East Technical University (Turkey), from where interested and/or applying students are encouraged to seek pre-admission or firm admission to facilitate quick placement.

Other institutions of study from member countries not on the list may be considered if their superiority can be substantiated (based on research/teaching staff, faculties and facilities) as being the best in the fields of study proposed by the candidates.

The list of institutions of study offering the areas of study covered under the Programme is available at the Offices of the IDB Governors for the member countries concerned, the designated focal/contact points for the Programme and the Office of the Scholarship Programme, IDB.


The Programme is formally announced (through the Offices of IDB Governors concerned) in January, for September intake.

As the sole channel of announcement and application for the Programme, the Offices of the IDB Governors are expected to announce the Programme as widely as possible and to disseminate information and Application Forms to relevant educational, scientific and research institutions and interested students in the country and pre-process the applications received to ensure eligibility and complete and proper documentation.

The implementation of the Programme follows the following cycle:
Preparation: January
Announcement: January
Receiving applications: February - April
Deadline of application: April
Processing/short-listing: May
Final selection: May
Announcement of selection result: May
Admission: June
Placement: September
If the turn-out is low, the announcement packages are sent out again in June, for January intake. The announcement packages are also sent to educational and research institutions in member countries concerned


The M.Sc Scholarship Programme is only for students from 20 Least Developed Member Countries who meet the following eligibility criteria:
Citizens of any of the eligible Least Developed Member Countries of the IDB: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros Island, Djibouti, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Togo, Uganda, Yemen;

No more than 30 years old at the closing date of application;

In possession of a B.Sc/Licence/Maitrise in science/technology;

Above average in academic standing/grades;

Nominated by scientific/academic/research institutions of their countries;

Committed to returning to their countries upon completion of their studies;

Not in receipt of any other scholarship;

Medically healthy and be willing to undertake medical tests after selection.
Ability to undertake academic study and/or research (including reading, writing, speaking) in English or French or other language of study used in the place of study is necessary.

Pre-admission or full admission from universities or institutions listed under the M.Sc Scholarship Programme is desirable and strongly encouraged.


The application is processed and short-listed at the IDB to ascertain the completeness of application documents and the eligibility in terms of the eligibility criteria of the Programme (i.e., citizenship, age, degree, grades, etc.) and other relevant conditions of the Programme (i.e., command of the language of study, pre-admission/admission, institutional nomination, the IDB Governor`s endorsement, commitment to returning to home country and financial needs).

The short-listed applications are submitted to the Executive Committee which makes the final selection.


The day-to-day implementation of the Programme is undertaken by the Office of the Scholarship Programme but it is supervised by two Committees at the IDB:
The General Committee for the IDB Merit/M.Sc Scholarship Programme which, among others, formulates the general policy of the Programme and examines the operations plan. This General Committee is the same as the one supervising the implementation of the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme. The General Committee meets once a year usually in Sah`ban/December.

The Executive Committee for the IDB Merit/M.Sc Scholarship Programme which, among others, examines the results of the processing and short-listing of applications, makes the final selection, and provides guidance on issues arising out of day-to-day implementation. This is also the same Executive Committee supervising the implementation of the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme. The Executive Committee meets as needed usually once every 2-3 months.


For the successful candidates, the scholarship provides or covers the cost of tuition (as charged by the institutions of study and as agreed by the IDB), health insurance, a monthly living allowance (at US$ 200 per month), clothing and books allowance (at US$ 50 per month) and return air tickets (with cost and routing as approved by the IDB).

Tuition fee is paid by bank transfer directly to the institution of study; monthly and books/clothing allowances are paid directly to the student`s own account on quarterly basis; the other allowances, as necessary.

Apart from the above, there no other allowances or funding available under the Programme.


Candidates granted the M.Sc Scholarship are expected to:
Sign a Surety Bond stating their commitments to their studies, their return to their countries upon completion of their studies and their continuing work and services to science, technology and development of their countries for at least twice the period of their studies under the M.Sc Scholarship Programme;

Devote themselves to their studies on a full-time basis and without interruption and provide the IDB with reports on their academic studies and activities on a regular basis;

Seek or accept no other scholarship or remunerated work during their studies under the Programme which may interfere with their studies or make fulfillment of their other obligations difficult unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the IDB;

Respect the laws of the country of study and maintain good personal and professional conducts consistent with the rules, regulations and objectives of the Programme and the overall mission of the IDB as an Islamic institution.


The Application Form must be submitted through the Office of the IDB Governor for the country concerned. It is the Offices of the IDB Governors which forward the applications to the IDB and not the individual applicants. Justifiable exceptions may be considered.

Interested students may obtain Application Form and other documents of the Programme (such as the announcement poster, leaflets, brochures, list of institutions of study, etc.) from the Offices of the IDB Governor for their countries, the designated Contact/Focal Points for the Programme and/or the Office of the Scholarship Programme, IDB.

To apply, submit the following:

Completed Application Form
Two (2) passport-size pictures
Curriculum vitae
B.Sc/Licence/Maitrise diploma
B.Sc/Licence/Maitrise transcripts
Birth certificate
Three (3) letters of reference in sealed envelopes
GRE and TOEFL scores (if available or can be taken)
Letter from University (alma mater) indicating exact ranking in class and in all university`s graduating class
Letter of pre-admission/admission (if any)
* Detailed instructions on how to apply are given in the Application Form. The deadline for the application is April 30 every year.

MSc Application Forms

MSc Application Form (English pdf)
MSc Application Form (English)

MSc Application Form (French)
MSc Application Form (French)


1. Benin Monsieur le Ministre du Plan, de la Reconstructuration Economique et de la Promotion de l`Emploi
Attention: Monsieur Stéphane Haikou
Diercteur du Développement Professionel
B.P. 342
Fax : (229) 30 16 60

2. Gambia Mrs. Teneng Jaiteh
Principal Assistant Secretary
Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs
The Quadrangle
The Gambia

3. Maldives Department of External Resources
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Attention: Ahmed Latheef
Director of External Resources
Tel : (960) 32 3400-8
Fax : (960) 31 7592
Telex : 66008 MINEX MF

4. Mali Monsieur le Directeur National de la Planification
B.P. 2466
Republique du Mali
Telex : 2559 MINIFINANCE

5. Sierra Leone Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports
Education Division
New England
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