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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Technical University of Denmark PhD scholarship in Environmental Assessment of CO2 Contamination in Shallow Aquifers

Project Description
The need to reduce the rise in the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere has initiated the development of techniques aiming at reducing the CO2 emission from power plants and other point sources. One of these techniques is to capture CO2 at the point source and then inject it in pressurized form as a supercritical liquid into depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs, in the deep ocean or in deep saline aquifers. Little attention has so far been paid on the possible impacts of CO2 storage on the shallowgroundwater systems which frequently are exploited for drinking water and feed streams and wetlands. The acidification caused by CO2 entering the aquifer from below could mobilize trace metals and the higher levels of bicarbonate might desorb phosphate and arsenate deteriorating drinking water and surface water quality. Increased rates of mineral dissolution could increase aquifer permeability leading to rapid transport of contaminants. Field based studies elucidating these aspects are clearly needed.

Application deadline March 1st, 2010.

Effects on groundwater quality related to the release of CO2 from underground CO2 storage.

Applications are invited for a PhD scholarship in the area of groundwater geochemistry related to potential effects of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) The PhD position will be funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, in the research project Environmental Technology For Geological Storage Of Carbon Dioxide running 2010-2013.

The PhD project will investigate the consequences of high CO2 concentrations entering into aquifers through a combination of laboratory column experiments and field experiments in aquifers. Geochemical modeling should be an integral part of the experimental planning and interpretation and extrapolation of the results.

For this position we seek a PhD candidate with a Master`s degree in aquatic geochemistry or a related field. Experience with laboratory and field investigations as well as geochemical modeling will be advantageous. We expect good communication skills, both verbally and in writing. The position is open to both international and Danish candidates.

The PhD project will be carried out at DTU Environment in close collaboration with GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) (

Approval and Enrolment
The PhD candidate will be enrolled at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Environment and be part of the large and divers group of PhD students there. The full scholarship will be for an enrollment period of 3 years.

The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in the Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering PhD programme at DTU. For information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies, please see the DTU PhD Guide.

Salary and Appointment Terms
The salary and appointment terms (3 years) are consistent with the current rules for PhD students.

The successful candidate will be expected to start as soon as possible after May 1st, 2010.

Further information
Further information is available from Associate Professor Rasmus Jakobsen, DTU Environment, e-mail (DO NOT SEND APPLICATION TO THIS E-MAIL).

We must have your online application by 8 March 2010. Please open the link `apply online` and fill in the application form and attach your application, CV and other relevant documents.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Website link: Link here


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