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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hitachi Scholarship Foundation Program 2007 for Master and Doctoral Course

Kategori: Beasiswa jepang untuk program pascasarjana (master/s2, doktor/s3) yayasan hitachi

The Hitachi Scholarship Foundation offers postgraduate scholarship awards to faculty members of the universities in Southeast Asian countries who intend to study at Japanese graduate schools as full-time students for Master`s or Doctoral Course in the field of science and technology under the following conditions.

Term of Scholarship
For Master`s Course
Two and half years including half a year for the study of Japanese language prior to commencement of the Master`s Course

For Doctoral Course
Three and half years including half a year for the study of Japanese language prior to commencement of the Doctoral Course

Beasiswa Indonesia Scholarship International diploma sekolah S1 S2 S3 dalam negeri dan luar negeri.

Contents of Scholarship

The Foundation will support the following costs and expenses.
Travel expenses
Economy class round-trip airfare between the nearest airport of the grantee’s university and the airport in Japan and the travel expenses between the airport in Japan and the place of grantee’s research affiliation. Only the return fare will be given to the grantee if he/she is already in Japan

Arrival and return allowance: 50,000 each
Only the return allowance will be given to the grantee if he/she is already in Japan.

Stipend: 180,000 a month

Housing allowance (at cost but maximum amount per month)
Place of Residence Single With Family
Greater Metropolitan Tokyo — 60,000-90,000
Others - 40,000-55,000

Tuition and other school expenses listed in the following
Admission and registration fee
Facility fee, if any
Seminar and laboratory fee, if any
Tuition for Japanese language course: For six (6) months

Field study expenses: At cost but up to 50,000 per year.
Application should be submitted to the Foundation in advance together with the recommendation letter of the host scientist for review and approval.

Expenses to make presentation at international conferences: At cost. Application in advance as same as 2-6 above is required.

Expenses to attend the activities of the Foundation
Application and Selection
Eligibility and qualification of applicants Only the faculty members, who satisfy the following conditions, of the universities invited by the Foundation will be accepted as applicants.

For Master`s Course
Bachelor`s degree holder who wishes to obtain Master’s degree in the field of science and technology at a Japanese graduate school
Below 30 years of age
Firm position or profession in the university

For Doctoral Course
Master`s degree holder (or the faculty member who is expected to obtain Master`s degree before the start of proposed Doctoral Course) who wishes to obtain Ph.D. in the field of science and technology at a Japanese graduate school
Below 35 years of age
Firm position or profession in the university

Application procedure

Application shall be endorsed by the President’s office of the university to which the Foundation has offered the scholarship award and submitted to the following address through the said office by November 30, 2006 using the registered mail. Neither personal nor direct application to the Foundation is accepted.

The Hitachi Scholarship Foundation
21F Akihabara UDX Building
14-1, Soto-Kanda 4-chome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8010

Application shall be submitted with all the documents as required below and the application missing any of them will be automatically rejected. The Foundation reserves the right to request any other additional documents.
Documents required for application One (1) original and one (1) copy of
Type written Application Form along with 3cm x 4cm size photograph * Please use the Application Form attached hereto and fill in all the data requested.

Certificate of graduation or certificate of expected graduation from the last school attended

Transcript of academic record of the last school attended * The applicant for Doctoral Course is requested to submit the transcript of academic record of the undergraduate school as well.

Letter of recommendation from the head and/or dean of the faculty to which the applicant belongs. This letter needs to be endorsed by the office of the President. Other additional recommendation letters, if any.

Letter of acceptance from the proposed Japanese host scientist

Physical examination certificate
- The Foundation reserves the right to distribute a copy of the above documents to any person for the purpose of evaluation and selection. A copy of the above documents will also be distributed to the proposed Japanese host scientists of the finally selected applicants.

Method of selection
Preliminary selection
The Selection Committee of the Foundation will conduct preliminary selection based on the application documents.

The preliminary-selected applicants will be interviewed by the representative(s) of the Selection Committee of the Foundation at their universities.

Final selection
The Selection Committee of the Foundation will make final selection after the interview. Award will become effective when the admission of the selected applicant to his/her intended Japanese graduate school has been confirmed.
Criteria of selection
Support by the senior management of the applicant`s university in relation to their human development program

Academic exchange program between the applicant`s university and the proposed graduate school in Japan

Academic performance and achievement by the applicant

Potentiality of the applicant

Motivation to study in Japan

Proposed plan of study

Academic necessity of the applicant to undertake his/her study and research at the graduate school in Japan

Communication skill * As the foreign students who conduct their graduate studies and research in the field of science and technology in Japan are normally required to submit their thesis in English unless they have enough Japanese language proficiency, proficiency of English language above 530 points of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is preferred.
The applicant`s health and general aptitude for the environmental conditions of academic and social life in Japan.

Schedule of selection

End of November Deadline to submit application
December - January Preliminary selection based on the application documents
February - March Interview of pre-selected applicants at their universities
April - May Final selection

- The result of selection will be informed to the applicant through the President`s office of the applicant’s university in June 2007.
End of September Departure for Japan (finally selected applicants only)

- The finally selected applicants are requested to attend the orientation in Tokyo at the end of September 2007 and shall start their studies and research at the graduate school, or Japanese language school if necessary, from October 2007 in accordance with the instruction by their enrolled graduate school.

Preparation for Entry to Japan

The finally selected applicants are required to submit the following to the Foundation to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility. It usually takes one (1) month to obtain this certificate and this certificate is necessary to obtain a valid entry visa from a Japanese embassy or consulate before coming to Japan.
A copy of passport
Thee (3) copies of the photograph with 3cm x 4cm
Record of past entry into / stay in Japan (including number of times of entry)
Admission to Graduate School
The finally selected applicants are requested to make arrangement for enrollment at their intended Japanese graduate schools by themselves. They are generally admitted at first as non-degree students, i.e. research students of the graduate schools, and required to pass the entrance examination of their intended graduate schools.


The grantee is responsible for finding his/her own accommodation.
As some graduate schools have their own accommodations, it is recommended to inquire the host scientist about their availability.
The Foundation will make financial support for
Key money, if any
Agency commission, if any
Expenses to purchase room lights, curtain and electric/gas table, if not furnished
Restoration fee, if any, at the time of vacating a room (normal wear and tear only)
The grantee is responsible for the payment of
1) Deposit which is to be returned later
2) Property and fire insurance

Bank Account

The grantee is requested to open an account at a Japanese bank upon his/her arrival and inform the Foundation of the bank account details sending a copy of bankbook.

Alien Registration

The grantee is required to file application for alien registration within ninety (90) days from the date of arrival in Japan at the municipal or ward office where the grantee resides.


The grantee should keep in close contact with the Foundation and keep them informed of any change of his/her address or other pertinent matters.


The grantee is required to submit to the head and/or dean of the faculty of his/her university in home country a progress report of his/her research and other activities every two months with a copy to the host scientist and the Foundation. When his/her research is presented for publication or dissemination, the Foundation`s support should be acknowledged in an appropriate way. A copy of such publication or offprint is requested to be sent to the Foundation.


The Foundation will buy the following insurance for the period from the date of the grantee’s departure from his/her home country until the date he/she is admitted as a student of the graduate school or until the date he/she arranges similar insurance whichever comes earlier. The grantee is required to arrange such insurance with the graduate school by himself/herself after he/she is admitted as a student. Illness contracted before the grantee`s arrival in Japan, chronic disease and dental care will not be covered by the insurance to be bought by the Foundation.
1) Death from injury: 15 million
2) Treatment of injury: Up to 2 million
3) Death from illness: 2 million
4) Treatment of illness: Up to 2 million

Japanese Language

It is important for foreign students to know and understand Japanese language to such an extent that they can pursue their study and research at the graduate school and spend social life in Japan. Some Japanese graduate schools require Japanese language proficiency to a certain level. The Foundation will, therefore, support the grantees for their study of Japanese language as described in Clause 1 and Clause 2.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The grantee must abide by the laws and regulations of Japan.

Suspension or Termination of the Scholarship

The grantees of the Hitachi Scholarship Award are expected to devote themselves full-time to their studies and research described in their applications and any employment in Japan during the term of the scholarship may not be accepted. The scholarship will be suspended or terminated if the Foundation judges that the foregoing terms and conditions are not observed in good faith or in the following cases:
When it becomes impossible to continue study or research because of illness or other reasons
Poor result of study record

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