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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Spoken English to be made part of TOEFL from Sep. 2005

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Spoken English to be made part of TOEFL from Sep. 2005
Students planning to pursue studies in the United States and elsewhere, will henceforth be tested for Spoken English as part of 'Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

The official new TOEFL will be offered starting September 2005 at secure ETS test centers worldwide.

ETS will begin offering full-length practice versions of the test along with related learning tools on their website, . The practice test scores will be reported only to the test taker.

The Education Testing Board (ETB) has overhauled the standard 40-year old Test in response to complaints that despite high TOEFL scores, many foreign students were unable to communicate effectively once they join American schools and universities.

When the new version is introduced, test takers and English language instructors will see a whole new approach to TOEFL. It's more than just a test. Test takers will get diagnostic information on their strengths and weaknesses and guidance on improving their scores. The Test will offer learning tools to help people improve English language proficiency.

This next generation TOEFL test is to evaluate the English speaking proficiency of students whose native language is not English and who intend to pursue studies in a college or university where English is spoken.

Those taking the test have to reply orally to questions provided in oral and written format. These oral answers are recorded on tape. Hence, writing is not required. The test fee is $ 125.

Additional information on TSE:

There are two different registration sections under TSE-A and TSE-P. ยท

TSE-A is for those who have applied for teaching and research assistantships and have been asked to take the test by university admissions office or a department head. Undergraduate and graduate school applicants can also take TSE-A.
TSE-P is for those who take the test to obtain a license in a professional field. TSE is offered 12 times a year at various test centers throughout India.
The test can be taken on the same day as TOEFL, but is not part of the TOEFL test like TWE

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