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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Government of Greece Postgraduate Scholarships 2007 in Greece

Greek The Government of Greece Postgraduate Scholarships For Student From Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa

Document to download :
Application form (download)

The Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Directorate of International Relations in Education, Section A` of Scholarships, announces that up to ten (10) scholarships for people of foreign nationality (foreigners and not of Greek Origin) from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa will be offered for postgraduate studies in Greece, MA. / M.Sc., up to three (3) years, (i.e. one (1) year for the acquisition of the Greek Language and two (2) years MA. / M.Sc., beginning in the academic year 2007-2008)


Applicants must:
Be nationals of one of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, FYROM, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
Hold a graduate degree from a foreign University.
Have an excellent knowledge of Greek or English or French. The knowledge of Greek language will be taken under consideration.
Not exceed thirty-five (35) years of age.
Have never been scholarship holders of the Ministry of National Education.
Have foreign citizenship.


Applicants having the above requirements should submit through the Greek Diplomatic Authorities in their country - or in a neighboring country in case of absence of a Greek Embassy or Consulate in their country - the following documents :
An application form (available at the relevant Greek Diplomatic Authority duly filled).
A curriculum vitae.
Transcripts of previous University studies and certified copies of their degrees.
An official certificate indicating the excellent knowledge of Greek or English or French.
A health certificate signed by a general physician confirming the good health of the applicant.
Two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a University professor.
Validated copy of the passport.
A recent photograph.
Letter of admission to the Greek University issued by the relevant faculty or faculty professor of the University.
All documents, if not originally in English or French, must be translated into Greek, English or French. Incomplete, inaccurate, inadequate or illegible application dossiers may lead to disqualification from consideration. Applicants must submit only certified copies of the originals because the submitted documents will not be returned.


The submission deadline is the 30th of April 2007. ?he Greek Diplomatic Authorities will notify the candidates of the results after June 2007.


Students accepted for postgraduate studies, whose knowledge of the Greek language is insufficient, could attend Greek Language classes, only if the Committee of the University considers Greek Language indispensable for their enrolment in the post-graduate program. The scholarship program begins after the candidate`s arrival in Greece, at a School of Modern Greek Language either at the Didaskaleio of the University of Athens or the School of Modern Greek Language of the University of Thessaloniki (the courses for Modern Greek Language usually commence on 1st October). The candidate must at least be conditionally admitted by a Greek University as proven by a formal letter issued by the relevant Faculty or faculty professor of that University. In this case the duration of the scholarship can be extended up to three (3) years (one for the Greek Language and two for the Postgraduate Studies)

The candidates must notify one month in advance about the exact date of their arrival in Greece and the number of their passport, plus the date of its issue, so that all the necessary arrangements concerning student VISA could be made by the Ministry of Education before their arrival in Greece. A tourist visa cannot be changed into a student visa in Greece; that’s why candidates are advised not to come to Greece without having previously secured a student visa.

The scholars will be deprived of their scholarship in any of the following cases:
A false statement has been made on their application dossier.
They don’t comply with the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
They hold a scholarship from another source.
They will be subjected to disciplinary action by the University or will have no prospect for academic achievement (e.g. failure to achieve a satisfactory level in the Greek language or in their major field of studies).

They leave Greece -regardless of the reason- without having informed the Ministry of Education in writing prior to their departure.
Applicants who are or have been scholarship holders of the State Scholarships Foundation will be excluded from all future programmes of Ministry of Education.


The duration of the postgraduate scholarship is for two years, unless a third year is considered necessary by the University, for the study of Greek Language.
A scholarship renewal is decided by the Ministry of Education, according to the scholars’ research-studies. It all depends on students’ satisfactory progress, in order for them to obtain their relevant degrees. In any case, the Ministry of Education examines and decides upon the total duration of each student’s scholarship.


All scholarships provide:
600 euros for initial expenses.
Stay permit dues.
Tuition fees for the School of Modern Greek Language.
Free medical care in public hospitals in case of emergency.
The scholarships for postgraduate studies include a monthly allowance of 500 euros for living expenses.
No support is provided for transportation, conferences, seminars, symposia or research activities.
No additional assistance is provided for the spouse or other dependants of the scholarship holder.
The scholarship holders are not permitted to undertake paid employment of any kind, as they are expected to devote themselves fully to their studies.
The scholarship will be withheld for periods spent outside Greece.


On their arrival in Greece, students are obliged to present themselves to the Ministry of Education, receive their file and settle all formalities, concerning their medical assurance and financial provisions from the Ministry. The Ministry is not authorized to provide boarding facilities ( lodging facilities/ meals in University Campus etc. ).

Scholars have to submit to the Ministry of Education the following:
In case of attending a language course a certificate for having successfully completed the necessary examination in the Modern Greek Language ( before the end of the first year).
A progress report on their studies signed by their supervisor (at the end of every semester).
An annual examination result notice for postgraduate students issued by the relevant Department of the University.
At the end of their programme of studies, a validated copy of the academic title they have obtained.
The above-mentioned documents ( 1,2,3 ) along with the relevant application form submitted by the scholar are absolutely necessary for the renewal of the scholarship at the end of each academic year of studies. Otherwise, the Ministry of Education has the right to proceed to the discontinuance of the scholarship.

Scholarship holders must sign a declaration that they commit themselves to return to their native countries. The Greek Diplomatic Authorities are responsible for ensuring that the scholarship holders do, in fact return and stay in their native countries.

Document to download :
Application form (download)
Postal address: 15, Mitropoleos St., 101 85, Athens, GREECE
Telephone number: (+3010) 3236567, (+3010) 3210156
Fax number: (+3010) 3236567 - E-mail:


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